Walking the Christmas tightrope

Brodie Thomas
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“I liked Christmas a lot more when it started in December.” That was a comment spotted on Facebook recently.

Many would probably agree with it, unless they happen to work in retail.

It seems to have become a Christmas tradition to debate publicly when it is proper to start recognizing Christmas. Many have drawn a line in the sand around Remembrance Day, arguing it is disrespectful to our veterans to put up decorations before that somber day.

Then again, there’s an argument to be made that our military fights so we can be free to put up decorations whenever we want.

Something new you may have noticed this year is a TV commercial from a credit counselling agency warning people about the credit card hangover. This commercial says a $2,000 credit card spree can lead to a 15-year “credit hangover.” That’s much worse than anything you’ll find in the eggnog. Their advice is to shop with the cash you have on hand.

Like it or not, commercialism is now part of the season, and it is difficult to escape. So many retailers depend on the Christmas rush to pull them out of the red and into the black.

If you’re one of those people who loves every minute of the holiday season, then now is the time to revel in the music, the decorations, the shopping and the food.

If you like your Christmas closer to the 25th of December, you’ll have to make a more concerted effort to avoid the commercialism, but it is possible.

If Christmas music bothers you, listen to your own CDs and stay out of the stores until closer to Christmas.

Don’t give in to the pressure to break the bank in order to have a Merry Christmas. Before you take that credit card out of your purse or wallet, remember the true reason for the season.

But then again, don’t be a Grinch either. Our economy depends on a bit of shopping. A cash Christmas can still be a happy Christmas. Support our local retailers and you can get that warm fuzzy feeling of generosity while you shop.

— Reprinted from The Gulf News,

by editor Brodie Thomas

Organizations: The Gulf News

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