The View From Here

Updated at 04:02 - You know about the bucket list. That’s a list of things you want to do before you “shuffle off this mortal coil” (“Hamlet”).

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Eastern Passages

Updated at 03:32 - I don’t mind hearing other people’s opinions, even if I disagree with them violently.

Across the Tickle-Long Island Photo

Updated on June 25, 2015 - According to the brief history written up on the United Church of Canada website, “The United Church of Canada is the largest...

Across the Tickle-Long Island

Updated at 03:02 - This year the school at Long Island combined two annual events, the year-end assembly and the annual pot luck, into one evening on...

The View From Here

Updated on June 25, 2015 - The Moving Finger writes, and, having writ,Moves on, nor all your Piety nor WitShall lure it back to cancel half a Line,Nor all...

Bittersweet as another landmark closes

Updated on June 11, 2015 - It was a bittersweet day as a very long and active landmark closed its doors in the Shoe, maybe forever, but no one knows for sure...

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Very well said!

Tana Adams,  April 06, 2015, 09:56

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