Retired sawmill worker gets another day of work

Rudy Norman
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Jack Noseworthy hasn’t been a working with timber for more than 30 years, but he hasn’t lost a love of the work.

Jack Noseworthy of Middle Arm celebrated his 90th birthday by returning to the place he spent much of his life as a working man - in the saw mill. He dropped by Henry Thomas' mill to push through a few logs on Wednesday, just for old time's sake.

His last sawmill job was with Henry Thomas. The family operation employed Jack as their main sawer, with a little help from a few hands around.

Thirty years have removed Jack and Henry from those days. Henry is retired as well now – with the operation now being run mostly by his son.

For old time sake, though, last year Henry told Jack he had an idea.

“He came up one day and we was talkin’, and he said that if I made it to 90, then he wanted to take me up and saw a couple logs.”

Jack turns 90 on Friday – and even though it was a bit early, Henry came through on his promise. He and Jack met at the old sawmill on Wednesday and Jack picked up where he left off.

“I can still remember it for the most part,” he said. “But things are a lot different than they was back when I was at it.”

Hydraulics have made it a lot simpler to feed the beast, he said – and his 3,000 feet a day when he was employed there would pale in comparison to what the veteran figures he would accomplish these days with the new way of doing things.

Nevertheless, Jack says those days have gone, and no matter how much he wishes he could live it again, he’ll leave it for the younger generation to take over for now.


For more of Jack’s story, see next Thursday’s Nor’wester 

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