Cat came back…the very next season

Brandon Anstey
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The tale of a nomadic feline

She’s only 11 years old, but she runs away from her guardian for months at a time.

CAT NAP – Tigger is a calm kitty, said Ruth Steele. It’s been two years since Tigger started taking seasonal trips away from home.

While she doesn’t enjoy taking trips in the car, she does enjoy going on treks, said Ruth Steele of her cat, Tigger.

The first of Tigger’s solo treks came in the summer of 2012 and she didn’t return until fall of that year. She left in July and returned in October. The timing of that trip wasn’t all that strange until 2013 rolled around.

“The following year she disappeared again in July and didn’t come back until November,” said Ms. Steele, noting the similar time span of her cat’s absence.

It seemed Tigger was taking care of business in the summer and fall, returning when the colder weather set in. This time was different, said Ms. Steele of Tigger’s return in 2013.

“I took her to the vet and got her needles and everything,” she said. “She was home for a bit and six weeks ago she disappeared again.”

She worried that this time a harsh fate had met her feline friend.

“This time I had given up hope because it’s so cold in December,” said Ms. Steele. “I was so sad because I figured a coyote had gotten her or something. I even called the guys at the town dump to see if they had found any dead cats.”

Ms. Steel shares a bond with Tigger that all animal-lovers share with their pets.

“She’s a very loveable cat,” she said. “The first time I left her alone was about six years ago, and you might think this is crazy, but when I returned I swear she was crying when she saw me,” laughed Ms. Steele.

Just when it seemed all hope was lost, there was an early morning meow at the door last week.

“This morning she showed up on my front rail at 1:30 a.m. in the morning,” said Ms. Steele on Jan. 22.

Tigger seemed to be in good shape and spirits, just a little hungry.

She’s a very loveable cat Ruth Steele

“When she came this morning she was ravenous. She ate and ate and ate,” she said. “She’s still looking good and everything. The vet told me to keep the food coming to her.”

As for the mystery of Tigger’s whereabouts, that isn’t too much of a mystery, said Ms. Steele.

“She’s definitely being kept in somewhere. If someone is taking her in, I wish they would leave her because the SPCA has plenty of cats up there to adopt.”

The reason for this belief, she said, is for a number of reasons.

“My daughter said you could smell air freshener on her.”

A weakened meow added to the evidence, said Ms. Steele.

“Her throat is horse this time and I think it’s from yelling.”

Ms. Steele believes Tigger was kept inside, which prompted her to frantically call at the door, causing a sore throat.

“She’s not a cat that stays inside all of the time.”

The self-described cat lover said Tigger has been a good girl and keeps out of trouble.

“I’ve had her right from the time she was a small kitten. She’s neutered and she’s always had her needles.”

While she is well behaved, Tigger doesn’t care much for car rides. She’s not too crazy about roommates either.

“My daughter brought home her two cats three years ago, but she didn’t really like them, “ said Ms. Steele.

Tigger may be the kitty of her eye, but she is fond of all animals, said Ms. Steele.

“I can’t stand for anyone to mistreat animals.”

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