Road problems getting worst in wharf area of our tiny community

Elizabeth Welshman
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We have been having road worries with the gravel portion of the road in the wharf area for the last years, and it is only getting worst. It was only a matter of time before some vehicle went through the already worsening gravel road, and then it happened, but could have been worst because no one was hurt this time.

A few years ago a hole, or holes, started opening up down by the slipway at the end of our tiny community. The problem is wear and tear on the culvert which has been there for many years. It's rusting out and breaking down. Also, before the road was placed there many years ago, goat paths were all the community knew, and there was a wooden bridge and fish flakes gapping the area that is now part of the road in our community. A culvert was placed there decades ago, and filled in with some heavy fill and gravel that made the road bridging the gap between the Government stage and the rest of the Shoe. Everything breaks down overtime, no matter how immune one may think anything is.

The capelin fishery had been ongoing here for a little over a week and on the last day of the company taking capelin, the truck went down to get more capelin to ship out and down the front tire went where there was once a manhole cover. How the manhole cover got removed I do not know, but the driver wasn't hurt but had already had a rough day.

This hole was not just from the manhole cover removed but rather a break down in all that area. Something worse is going to happen in the near future for sure. Some may debate that if the manhole cover was there the truck would have stayed on top, but others doubt that, because that hole, like the ones closer to the slipway used to haul boats up on, is only getting worse no matter what.

Earlier in the day the grader was grading our portion of gravel road that leads to the La Scie trunk road and when the driver of the capelin truck was on his way to or from the Shoe he hit a rock or high gravel and damaged the base pan of the truck he was driving and then to have this happen to, I assume, another truck, how bad or low was his luck that day? Better times ahead!

Something should have been done before this truck went through, but I guess it's like most things, someone has to lose their life or be seriously hurt before something more permanent is done. I don't know who is responsible for replacing this and fixing up that portion of the road where there is still a family living in that area and besides, how is one to get their fish products picked up by fish companies if this road collapses completely? Fishermen need this road in proper driving condition if not complete driving condition to keep their fish products from crab to capelin to codfish and even squids sold and that's the only wharf the fishermen can ship at, because that's the only wharf in our community!

I called the Baie Verte Department of Transportation asking if they could reach their grader driver who was already out here on the gravel portion of our road after leaving the community, and get them to grade the few meters of gravel road leading to the wharf. It seems all my words fell on deaf ears for the grader did not come into the community. It's also been said that the road leading to the Government wharf hasn't been graded all summer and the potholes is enough to scare tourists off. No community needs that to happen, for it is always great to see strange vehicles visiting our community. Many tourists stop and speak to the local people asking questions about something in and around our quaint little niche by the sea.

My sister and husband are home from Toronto visiting family and friends from Long Island to Pacquet to La Scie and here in the Shoe. They wanted to go out in boat to try their luck at catching a few codfish to take back home and my baby sister had a few choice words as she drove over that short portion of the road to get to the boat. They did some damage to their vehicle they were driving, something to do with the muffler, and she said she must have slid in a huge deep pothole and hit something up in under the bottom of their cousin's vehicle.

My sister isn't very well pleased with having to spend money on unnecessary vehicle repairs when they had many other plans. Those road conditions are enough to deter tourist when they come and want to visit the wharf or the walking trail or even to get photos of our French Bread Oven and especially the most photographed shed on the Peninsula. All of those things are reminders of what tourists want to see when they go driving around our scenic province and especially our tiny niches by the sea. How can a community prosper if tourists can't come to visit because of poor gravel road conditions? Many do stop by our local store and if they only buy a bottle of soda pop then its tourist money spent here.

There should be no such thing as gravel roads over half way into 2013 but we can complain all day and night and sometimes it seems it is of no use at all. Let's hope those holes get fixed in the very near future.

Another fundraiser for CHY done

The Shoe Cove CHY Committee has another fundraiser tucked away with some profit but not with as much as was first anticipated but that's how fundraisers go I guess. A few weeks ago I was approached by a member of the CHY Committee in Baie Verte and they wanted to know if we would like to do a fundraiser for their CHY week. They had one afternoon planned in a Christmas theme and we would center on it by doing an afternoon tea, Christmas style.

We did the ol' fashioned Christmas sweets, (like we have here every Christmas when Santa visits) syrup included with tea and coffee of course. We were told there could be a couple hundred people show up for this afternoon tea as it is always a big event there, and being CHY there we could get double what they usually get on a regular day.

After our luncheon was served a group of square dancers were to do a show but was delayed until around supper due to a sad event within the group. Many people who dropped in wanted to know when this was going to take place and left without a lunch hearing it was to take place later in the day.

It was a little down heartening but we still did alright and after all that's how fundraisers go. Thanks to all who came out and for all the rave remarks I received with people leaving after experiencing a wonderful lunch. Some even said that's the first time they tasted syrup since being a child and it brought back so many memories so we are happy this was a good experience for them.

I even got to meet a lovely lady who came here many years ago to have meetings on how to make our community more tourists attractive. Lezlee, it was such a delight to speak with you even if only briefly, so nice to meet your mom too. Hope you had a lovely visit home and enjoyed your holidays. It's always nice to catch up with people whom you haven't seen in years but always think about! Some people leave that impression on you and Lezlee you are one of those sweet dear ladies who can do that!

More fundraisers are in the planning for the Shoe Cove CHY 2014 Committee in the near future. We are doing wonderful with money raised to this point and we want to thank everyone for your continued show of support for our once in a life time event of our tiny cove nestled between huge hills and supported by the sea on one end!


The first part of the food fishery has now ended and will reopen again in late September for a few days. It didn't seem all that busy around here with boats coming and going daily, but about the same as in other year's maybe. There didn't seem to be a big influx of people who were eager to go out searching for a few codfish to put back for their winter, yet a few ventured out when the weather was good enough. There seemed to be fish on most grounds and some of what was brought in was very large fish.

My Hubby put his trap skiff off in the first couple days of August and the very next day we took friends out, and went down towards the cape, out around Bishop Rock and other grounds known by my hubby! We got quite a few huge codfish there and those people were very pleased with their catch of the day! Almost everyone who has tried their luck on the fishing grounds has been successful this summer. I am quite sure the second half will be just as fruitful later in September and many people will be getting some cod to dry for the upcoming winter. These traditions live on in smaller communities and no doubt will continue for as long as one is permitted to catch fish as part of their staples for it sure is quite a tasty meal on those cold winter days.

Disgusted with the way fishery is still going downhill

We all know the way technology is changing and I guess we must all change with it. But sometimes we can't all change with this fast way of life due to where we live, mostly, others by choice of not owning their own computer. The fishery is becoming so high tech now that a fisherman cannot go to or call the Department of Fisheries to get their fishing licenses anymore. I suppose it saves this Department money but in my view it's cutting jobs in this Department whether they know it or not, but in the very near future many axes will fall and people will be standing in line at some Employment Center, looking for help while looking for another job somewhere. Fisher people won't be the only ones with seasonal jobs looking for help from the government they pay taxes into each working season.

I guess computers are becoming the way of life and one person can handle 1000 jobs by sitting at a computer while a fishing person sits at either their own or gets a family member or friend to do the work of purchasing licenses on the other end. Nowadays one cannot get their licenses and conditions without having access to a computer. This is just shocking when a phone call or visit to a Department of Fisheries was all it took. I don't mean it is all bad sitting to one's computer and getting their licenses at ones leisure, but it's not all as rosy as it sounds. To start with, everyone doesn't own a computer and for some of those who do have one doesn't have high speed internet.

I am one of those who has the lowest internet possible, dial up and believe me snail mail is almost as fast! When one gets on line with dial up, and has to wait ten minutes plus, for a page to load one must want the patience of Job, to sit there and wait and then wait some more. Most times I do this either I write some news or go do some house work checking back every so often. No fun I am telling you and to have to access fishing licenses in this way is most times beyond my patience, but according to the fisheries this has to be the new way of fishing now it seems.

I am not all that impressed and besides I know of a few in our tiny community who doesn't even own a computer so either they depend on a family member or friend to get what is needed to be able to continue fishing. I guess the bottom line here is either you have to have the proper equipment to go fishing or you get out. That is just what the fisheries is trying to do now to those chosen few who chose not to be bought out years ago. Now they won't ever buy those remaining fishermen out, but rather freeze them out one step at a time and this computer racket is just another step at doing just that. All I can say is this, remember the old saying, 'old fishermen never die, they just fade away,' one just don't know how long it will take for those few fishermen to just fade away! All I can say is that I am very disgusted at the way the fishery is turning, but not surprised, and I am not one to condemn trying something new, but this is just going downhill faster than a moving bullet.


To end on a brighter note so you won't feel as disgusted as I am, last Saturday we had the privilege of attending a wonderful surprise 65 birthday supper for a very lovely lady. My sister and husband, Mary Lou and Bob are home from Toronto visiting like quite a few people this year and they had planned this supper for his mom, Donnie, of Pacquet for some time. She turned 65 last month but their holidays didn't start until late July and so the supper was planned and held at Pacquet United Church Basement Sat evening Aug 10.

Quite a few family and friends helped decorate the basement and set up three rows of tables the night before, and by 5 p.m. dozens of family and friends had gathered and all ready for their special guest and her husband who had no idea of what was up either. Late that evening Donnie said to her middle sons spouse, who was also home from Corner Brook, that she knew something was up but Beverley just walked on as she told her she loved her and was supposedly on their way to Baie Verte where they were all to meet for a lovely family birthday supper. By the time Mary Lou went to get the birthday girl, she was filled with anticipation for she knew by now something was surely going on. But she took it all in good stride and even let Mary Lou blindfold her as she led her into the basement of well-wishers, who started to sing Happy Birthday as she had her blindfold removed! Donnie's face was priceless but the best part of all was when her 5 year old grandson, filled her arms and heart with kisses and love, and he knew all about this surprise because he was present the night before when they were decorating and didn't say a word about it.

A wonderful cold plate was enjoyed by all, and plenty of desserts were present to be sampled after. Plenty of well wishes flowed like water, and upon Donnie cutting her huge beautiful birthday cake, before blowing out the candles someone shouted make a wish. Mason, just 5 years old, and they say out of the mouths of babes, which is so true, spoke up quickly saying, I wish nanny can stay here forever. How beautiful is that. Donnie received many beautiful presents and monetary gifts, and she just couldn't say thank you enough for making her late birthday so special. We were all so happy to help out and wish you many more happy healthy years.

I had several people say that's the lady from the Shoe and they love to read my piece all the time. My ego started to swell as I don't take compliments all that well, but I am glad when people I don't know comment on what I write and good or bad that's fine with me. Now that's a good way to end this week's news, just be sure you all come back soon to see what else is, New from the Shoe!

Organizations: Baie Verte Department of Transportation, CHY Committee, Department of Fisheries Employment Center Pacquet United Church Basement Sat

Geographic location: La Scie, Toronto, Baie Verte Long Island Bishop Rock Corner Brook

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