Gospel Concert a real hit with full house

Elizabeth Welshman
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Gospel Concert a real hit with full house

Last Friday, July 26, the Shoe Cove CHY 2014 Committee were on edge all day as they watched the weather, and the rolling clouds that gave way to drizzle around noon and then rain as the afternoon progressed, crushing the Committee's nerves and feelings as they were almost all prepared for a wonderful Saturday on the grounds around the Community Center.

Many felt let down with all the nice weather we have had since July came in and now all those plans were crashing around them and nothing anyone could do to make it better because of the rain that was being forecasted. One thing though, was not enough rain, drizzle or fog could come to crash the Gospel Concert that went off without a hitch on Friday at 7 P.M. at First United Church as a full house congregated together to listen to the many talented voices that went ahead as planned.

The heat started to rise as people gathered to wait for those talented singers and players to go right ahead and entertain everyone. They sure did entertain everyone as each singer took their place at the microphone and sang glorious praises to our wonderful Saviour and Lord.

Pastor Slade opened the night with a hymn with the audience and prayer because Mr. Harry Oake couldn't make it due to out of town appointments, but he did a perfect job for last minute calling. Soon thereafter the singers started their solos, duets or even trios as their name came on the list they held. Several choruses were sung by the audience as the collection was taken and sometimes just to change their sitting positions. Over one and half hours later people started filing out of First United quite satisfied with what they had just witnessed.

The most wonderful surprise turned out to be a welcome visit from our MHA Kevin Pollard and at the very end he had a few welcome words to say to the audience, and congratulated the singers and musicians on doing such a wonderful job. It was such a wonderful, but rare sight, to see a MHA at those gatherings, because they are usually too busy to come to those small affairs. I find Mr. Pollard seems to interact with the people of his district quite a bit, and that makes for a more personal contact rather than just seeing them come to your door at voting time only.

He seems to be a down to earth kind of a man and I think that goes a long ways in politics. I am not professing to belong to any particular political party, rather, I have said many times I believe in the man that can get his voice heard with results being fruitful, sometimes anyways. Mr. Pollard cannot, nor can any MHA get every amount of money he or she asks for, but when those politicians interact with both the government and their people, I believe they are trying to help and not fake some of what we sometimes hear!

Thank you to everyone who gave their music and voice in song and to everyone who came out to listen and gave of their pocketbooks for we did a wonderful night as a fundraiser as well. Thank you to Pastor Slade who did a wonderful job of emceeing and also to Bess who gave thanks to everyone and especially Mr. Pollard for his closing remarks. Thank you also to all those who helped set up for a successful night and cleaned up at the end. Several teens helped replace the hymn and chorus books back to the cupboard and that alone was great to see, so thanks to all of you too.

Shoe Cove Family Fun Day not altogether a go on Saturday, but Monday everything went without a hitch.

Saturday, July 27, dawned gray and menacing and by the time breakfast was a go at 8 a.m. and the rest of the day, as in game and food booths were all cancelled due to the weather being forecasted.

Everyone was on high alert during the early morning hours listening to and going in on the internet and with several different forecasts and stations it was decided to postpone these outdoor items until the following fine day, which was forecast to be the following Monday. The weather might have been threatening but the CHY Committee was quite pleased with quite a crowd that turned out for breakfast.

The beer tent and dance went ahead as planned and there seemed to be a regular amount of people out and about according to reports. Late afternoon some Newfie entertainment showed up and entertained for over an hour, and was enjoyed by all. Thanks Lorne & Carl, you both did a fine job. Four strangers turned up in the afternoon and seemed to be enjoying time relaxing and mingling with people in a friendly way. After a while sitting around, the older lady approached the table where the co- chair and myself (chair of the Shoe Cove CHY 2014 Committee) were seated and passed along an amount of money, so I asked her what she would like and she replied, that it was for our CHY Committee because a couple guys from here, took them out in boat earlier in the afternoon and wouldn't take anything for their sightseeing trip. So they were told they could give the CHY Committee a donation if they'd like, and that's just what they did. The Committee was very appreciative for their donation, and these two couples hung around well into the early evening and were very much enjoying themselves throughout. Thank you so much for your donation!

By the time night started falling I discovered these people were from Ontario and were about to be screeched in as honorary Newfoundlanders or wannabes if nothing else! They found out it wouldn't happen until any time after 10:30 p.m., when people were coming to the dance, as we all know they needed an audience. They decided to rush back to La Scie for a bit of freshening up and no doubt wondering what was going to happen to them in the next couple of hours, but anyway those brave souls came back way before the building started to fill in with people waiting to hear Chris Mitchell, the one man band, who was to play at the dance that night.

Before the dance really got underway, Jerry and his brother Richard Martin, with help from Michelle Morey, had everything prepared to screech those four people in.

Jerry called up the oldest guy and said a Newfie phrase to him and he almost busted because he had no idea what had just been said to him, and by this time he was dressed in a rubber jacket and long rubbers. Jerry was after saying,' long may your big jib draw, to which he replied, thank you!

The building erupted in laughter and so did the guy who was about to kiss a codfish! Jerry asked him to repeat, 'how can you do arn thing if you got nar thing to do arn thing wit?!' The guy's eyes kinda bulged and he just about lost it when he tried to repeat what he had just heard!

I can't even repeat what he said because we didn't understand what he tried to repeat!

Anyway he kissed, or almost touched, the cod mouth in a puckered up position and downed a shot of Newfie Screech, shivered and laughed while removing his rubber jacket and boots passing them along to his wife who was up next.

The same thing happened to his wife who had no idea how to repeat the same phrase, but gave it her best, downed her drop of stuff and passed her outfit along to the younger lady who had a ball as well.

'How ya getting on ol' cocky?' Was how Jerry approached her and she didn't have a clue as to what or how to respond to this saying and when Jerry asked her to repeat the arn and nar phrase, she gave it her best as well, barely brushed lips with the cold cod, downed her droppa stuff and gave her husband the two outfits to make him an honorary or wannabe Newfie also!

The last guy donned his Newfie clothes and waited for his turn, but it seemed something different was in store for this guy. The younger guy and his wife turns out are from Wiarton, ON, where Wiarton Willy, the popular groundhog, is also from. Now, we had to live up to this groundhog and its popularity, so how could one do that living in NL! You can't pull the wool over a Newfie's eyes for very long because before this guy was to kiss the cod, the ones screeching him in had a Newfie Willy brought out, which was none other than an ugly ole' sculpin!

Richard told this guy to pucker up and kiss the cod which he did, but then was told to show this ugly Willy some tongue but after sticking out his tongue, he decided he couldn't do it, downed his shot like the rest and each received an honorary screech in certificate, making them all honorary or wannabe Newfies.

They even ate some of our local food like moose burger and not quite sure if they ate any Fishermen's Brewis or not but they sure enjoyed every morsel they tasted!

These two couples were such great sports for participating in this screech in and went home very happy people. I am quite sure they had laughing dreams that night after falling into a hopefully peaceful sleep. They found out I was going to write about it in our local newspaper and wanted me to send them a copy of this when it comes out, so who knows, they may just subscribe to our newspaper.

They were very happy to know I was going to write about their eagerness and willingness to experience some of what our great province has to offer.

They commented that after touring our great province thus far they have met some great people, but nothing compares to the welcome they all received from the people in our tiny niche by the sea. They say they had never, nor will ever, I am sure, meet any greater bunch of people then they did that day. I am quite sure they have many memories, enough to last for a long time, and hopefully you will all come back very soon and visit with us again, and although you won't have to be screeched in we will surely welcome you with just as good a welcome as you had already received.

Next summer July 22- 27 is our first ever Come Home Year and you are all welcome back again to see what events will be ongoing. There's bound to be another screech in and if you all watch those other honorary Newfie wannabes you will probably ask each other if you looked that funny.

It may have been postponed on Saturday, but come Monday, July 29, everything was a go with game and food booths, including the famous dunk tank and the jail and bail. Three other food booths were also open outside of the CHY pork chop dinners, hamburgers and hotdogs which sold well throughout the day. Other food booths sold moose burgers, fries, soup & sandwiches, nachos and cheese and even a very nice variety of jewelry, squid rings and quite a display of sweets to satisfy the sweet tooth!

The game booths were filled with children and teens throughout the day as people kept filing in and out playing games and eating. Many mingled and stayed for much of the day chatting to people from away, and having fun with their grandchildren at the game booths. It was a fun day all around and many people came out even though it was on a Monday.

There was a silent auction on for Saturday and Monday which had over a dozen items to bid on and every item went and with all good bids which helped as a fundraiser for the Committee.

Several items were up on tickets and Saturday night's fifty/fifty was won by Marion Starkes, and the bottle of liquor was won by Linda Toms. On Monday all other items on tickets were drawn, and the fifty/ fifty that day was won by Sandra Gray who was home on Vacation, the curling iron set, donated by Amy's hairstyling was won by Donna Foster, a big picture donated by Cohen's was won by Nina Welshman, and a tub of candy was guessed on and won by Erica Foster. All in all it was great day for all.

The Shoe Cove CHY 2014 Committee is so very thankful to every volunteer that did their part to make those days such a great success. Every minute you gave in help is greatly appreciated; no matter what you did, whether it was help in a game booth, or the dunk tank and especially the jail and bail, and although it wasn't open that long it was still a profitable event.

Someone even put the CHY Committee chair in jail, but I took it all in good stride! Thank you to one and all and especially our teens and tweens who gave a helping hand, we really appreciate what you did, even if it was fun to get in the dunk tank as a responsible adult stood closely by, it still helped raise money as people tried to knock you out of your seat into the water.

As it started to get dark people started to come in from out of town to watch the fireworks that was to burst after dark. It didn't seem as many people came from out of town as usual, but La Scie Crab Fest started on Monday and many people were involved in that, so people can't be everywhere at one time! At 10 p.m. sharp, the first of quite a show of glorious lights, colours and sounds burst high in the air and resounded off the hills surrounding our tiny community. The bright bursts of colors and lights sent chills up and down ones spine as the sounds echoed throughout the hills in our tiny niche by the sea. There wasn't a draft of wind which made those fireworks seem more magical as each display burst heavenward! One thing is for certain if this family fun day is any indication as to what next year, for a week of Come Home Year events will be, then we are sure in for some busy tiring days! I think it was safe to say all Committee members and those, whose spouses are home, were dead tired on their feet by the time the last lot of fireworks was cooling down.

Quite a few people from away have been home visiting with more to come, unless the ferry which ran aground recently, dampers some peoples plans who decide to drive home. Let's hope that all who have been home and all who are still planning to come for a visit have a very wonderful holiday, and safe travels on your way back to your place of residence and work. Make sure you all come back and more besides, for our Come Home Year festivities where there will be so much to do, so much to be seen, as we all congregate back home in 2014!

Thanks to one and all for helping in every way possible and for those who came out to make our Shoe Cove Family Fun Day the great success it was. Just come on back soon to see more, News from the Shoe!

Organizations: First United, CHY Committee

Geographic location: Shoe Cove

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