What happened to high speed Internet in Shoe Cove?

Elizabeth Welshman
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I read early in 2013 that there was some money allotted for high speed Internet connections in several areas on the peninsula. This money was supposed to be used and people would be using high speed if they chose too. Shoe Cove was one of the listed communities. Last fall we did see vehicles going to and fro, men climbing poles, some or more added to one or more poles, and then boom as quick as it started it ended, what happened there? I can't seem to find any answers and many people have asked the same thing, what happened to what was happening.

It seems as if power outages for hours to days at a time, winter storms, freezing rain and frigid temperatures weren't enough. Add to that a shortage of gas across many areas in our fair province recently, dare we ask what more could happen? It seems this winter is unrelenting but we have to deal with each obstacle one after another.

Just last week a gas shortage took place in La Scie at both gas stations. People rushed to and fro and got in line ups as long as 15 vehicles at a time waiting to see if they could stock up on their gas supply. Some people came from as far away as Baie Verte to get extra gas just in case. I was even told there were phone calls coming into those gas stations from as far away as Springdale, asking if there was gas available, but I don't think it would have been very feasible to drive 2 or more hours for gas, but rather stay at home and reserve what gas one had from that distance. I don't know if anyone came from Springdale but I was told the calls came in. This gas shortage lasted a day or two at the most as the fuel trucks got in and now everyone can untie the knots they had themselves into! We all know everyone wants enough gas in their vehicles to make sure they avert an emergency if it should occur we just pray it doesn't happen.

Another storm has descended upon us and but it didn't pose too much of a mess around our area. There was a melt down with some water but no flooding that I heard. I think we fared a lot better than Corner Brook and other areas. But for now there is standing pools of water on the ice in our pond but I am sure overnight it will dry up or freeze again although the temperatures are not giving out really cold. Let's hope our deep freeze weather has ended for this winter!


Everything is changing as modern technology becomes more and more high tech. I mean fisher people cannot call or drop into the Springdale office any more to buy their fishing licenses. Instead we have to go on line with a special user name and password that sometimes might never work. It gets more frustrating every year as fisher people get older. From there, if you are lucky enough, you get logged in and try and tend to what you went to get if it doesn't take too long and you forgot when you went looking for! For some getting in there may be alright but for people like us, using dial, up is worse than the worst. Not taking into consideration how many people have no computer to begin with. I have friends who fish but have no computer so these people must depend on others with computers or get out of the fishery altogether. That seems to be the only options in my book. The way the world is going it won't be long before everything is done on a computer or some kind of contraption, so I guess we may as well go with the flow for we will never change it and things are gone too far to even try and turn things back now. I daresay we will soon go to the doctor on the computer!

As I finish up this news an email says my husband has new mail so I went into the site, waited on getting into the GCKey (don't ask me what it stands for) put in his user name and password four times before getting it completely right, now I must wait for it to come up, then I wait again and again as each page loads. I am still going into page after page sometimes not sure if I should click on one or another word. After so many tries I went right back to start, so I am getting very frustrated to say it mildly! By the time you read this I will have gone crazy with frustration or I was successful in getting the 13 items they have listed there!

No matter the weather or fisheries come on back soon to see what else is, New from the Shoe!

Geographic location: Springdale, Shoe Cove, La Scie Baie Verte Corner Brook

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