If only we could see into the future of our quilt projects

Bill Locke
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If only we could see into the future of our quilt projects?

You're probably thinking what does he mean?

Well, this week, I came across a rather old poem, the author is unknown; but surely, the author was a quilter who has done their part to make fun quilts and projects for loved one. Here's the poem that brought on the above question:

Nan’s quilt brings back great memories.

Little Bits of Fabric

Sewn into a quilt.

Form a warm and loving blanket

from which memories are built.

And when you see peace and comfort

In the quiet of the night

It will keep you warm and snug

Until the morning light.

The poem made me think about a quilt that was made by my Nan Locke many years ago when I was just a young kid. It's a very special quilt for me today and when I take it out and look at it it's as if my nan is right there.

When I look at the quilt, I can see patches of drapes and her old dresses, perhaps a shirt or two. It's a quilt that makes me feel special and warm and I know that it was made with much love and given to bring much warmth.

That kind of made me think about the many projects that we do today. The quilts of today will continue travelling into the future; I wonder where they will end up. What special memories will they carry with them into the years to come? What do you think someone will say 50 years from now when they pull your quilt out of the linen closet for a special show-n-share?

Fancy fabrics and rows and rows of stitches are not the only things that we put into a quilt; there's love and best wishes, pleasant thoughts and loving care...all to be passed on to someone special.

When working on your projects, take a few moments to reflect on the thought that what you make today, whether you make it to give or to display in your home, will one day become tomorrow's heirloom.

Savour each moment that you spend on your projects, become one with your needle and thread and as you stitch those projects, be sure to sew a little bit of your heart into each and every stitch.

I hope that as you place your patchwork gifts underneath the tree this year that they are received as special gifts from the heart; coupled with memories that will last a lifetime.

Thanks for giving me the chance to visit with you again this week. I wish you lots and lots of quilty stitches.

Don't forget that I love emails and pictures. You can reach me at billlockedesigns@hotmail.com

I will look forward to catching up with you again next week back here at the column.

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